The Magal Collection is a unique global archive of high quality footage & stills documenting the art, architecture & archaeology of the world's most iconic sites.

Samuel Magal was born in Kibbutz, in southern Israel. As a teenager he started to take interest in photography, and would take his camera along to wherever he went. Later he studied for a Bachelor's degree in Archaeology in Haifa University, and specialised in Classical and Marine Archaeology.

During his time as a university student he came to realise how limited the photographed documentation of archaeological sites and monuments was. As a result, he set out to document, film and photograph as many sites as possible before they disappeared forever.

Since 1999
Samuel has travelled extensively, photographing and filming hundreds of Mediterranean archaeological sites and museums. His effort and devotion have led to the compilation of a vast archive of over 350,000 images and 20,000 videos pertaining to archaeology, architecture and ancient art.

Capture's Managed Collections team now represent The Magal Collection whilst Samuel continues travelling and creating new content. If you need more detail or help with a specific requests then please do get in touch. info@magalcollection.com

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